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Rick and Donna opened Seams Like Home in 2010 as an extension
of their quilt shop, Sew Special Inc. in Uniontown, and their “forever
dream home!” It was a 7200 square foot commercial building requiring
extensive interior renovations to make it what it is today. Donna saw it
all clearly in her mind and set forward as the general contractor of the
entire project.

The location appealed to their love of nature in the peaceful, wooded
setting. The prospect of the B&B experience appealed to their love of
people and presented a unique opportunity to interact with and be a
blessing to the guests that came their way. Donna, a stay-at-home mom
for many years, was experienced at cooking, cleaning, and sewing. It
seemed like a perfect fit! (Try listing that in the experience portion of a
business plan resume for the bank!)

Statistics show that most B&B’s change ownership every five years or
close their doors permanently because there is more work and
demands behind the scenes than what meets the eye. We are into our
12th year and loving it more than ever. It is our calling.

We made some major exterior renovations this year and published the
cookbook you hold in your hands. Who knows what is next, but we
believe the best is yet to be!

Donna and Rick


What Our Guests Say

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Quilting Friends from Zanesville, Ohio

Our group has been coming to “Seams Like Home” for over 10 years now experiencing the delicious meals served here. A group of us quilters were on a bus trip in Pennsylvania and stopped at the quilt shop, Sew Special, in downtown Uniontown in 2010, when Donna told us about their new retreat,
“Seams Like Home.” We were the first group of quilters to book a retreat there. We loved the idea that meals were included and we only had to pack our sewing “stuff!”

The food was delicious and very well presented. Donna and Rick have always been willing to share their recipes and gather feedback after each meal over the years.

Now we are really excited about all of them being published in one cookbook. Stella loves the Baked Oatmeal, and her family knows it will be served every Christmas morning for brunch. Charlotte enjoys making the Italian Wedding Soup for family gatherings at her house. Barbara keeps the Taco
Salad recipe handy because after a family gathering, everyone asked for the recipe. All the meals there have been absolutely delicious, very nutritious and a great variety. Rick has even grilled out for us and built a fire to roast marshmallows to make s’mores. We always look forward to our next trip
and the new recipes in store for us!

Seams Like Home B&B

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